Monday, 12 December 2016

Announcement (26)

I am willing to show five of monitochs' effects on planet earth; some people think that what I am saying about monitochs' effects is a part of surrealism but my answer to them is that human beings are still far from achieving the level of sub subatomic particles with the actual technologies, and what could be achieved  and observed is just consequences and phenomena to explain the behavior of these sub subatomic particles.

The first phenomenon of monitochs' effects on planet earth is metal softening; all kind of metals on planet earth are under the process of softening due to monitochs penetration to their atoms. This phenomenon of metal softening by monitochs could be seen in three phenomena which are: the first is water pipes breaking such the ones happened in London, the second is building collapse and the third is bridges collapse.

The second phenomenon of monitochs' effects on planet earth is the rise in temperature; temperature is rising on planet earth not just because of the sun's heat but also because of monitochs occupation to planet earth atmosphere; the increase in quantity of monitochs and their rotations make temperature higher than normal, and because monitochs are occupying further space in the atmosphere they allow the sun's heat to increase. Also monitochs production is a source of heat.

The third phenomenon of monitochs' effects on planet earth is to decay planet earth mass; monitochs spinning and rotations are a tool to dig planet earth and to make it weak and weaker to finish by decomposing into pieces. Monitochs can penetrate planet earth from north to south in a matter of half second; and this process of penetration creates holes inside it and this is what participates in it's decay.

The fourth phenomenon of monitochs' effects on planet earth is North Pole vortex breaking; the North Pole vortex is weakening day after day and this is because of monitochs presence in the atmosphere; monitochs rotations make the vortex mass breaking and to become easy to travel further south.

The last phenomenon of monitochs' effects on planet earth is to increase magma on planet earth; monitochs movement inside earth makes it hotter and this is what makes magma forming further.

To conclude this post I think that I have to remind you that planet earth is at high risk because of monitochs increase in the atmosphere, and rest to us to wait and watch their consequences.
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