Thursday, 8 December 2016

Announcement (22)

I am seeing some people talking about renovation, education, health, agriculture and environment; and this talk seems to me far from reality; because this reality is showing enough proofs that planet earth is inside Higgs boson magnetic field. I think that humanity should update it's knowledge as soon as possible just to save what it could be saved, and I mean by this; a full awareness about higgs boson discovery and it's experiment must be done at all levels in order to avoid calamities of dark age.

My philosophy of inspiring peoples' minds is acceptable because I am not asking for the impossible; and what's I am asking for is an understanding to a discovery and an experiment; this experiment has effects on everything. And because you are a part of this everything you become an acceptor to these effects with your will or without, and here I am suggesting to you to be acceptor sooner better than later.

Researchers in particle physics are still denying my discovery to Higgs boson and my experiment on it but my will to show proofs of this discovery has no end. I am still showing power of my will in my writings because everything is supporting me except human beings.

Scientists of the world are looking at what I am saying with very little interest and this is whats sustaining my belief to be stronger, stronger and stronger in my discovery to Higgs boson. This discovery was made by a very committed man; and this commitment is proved in his writings.

The moon light is sharpening because of planet's earth atmosphere lightning and also because of higher density of alpha particles inside it. The sun's heat is at increase because of it's higher storms intensity. 
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