Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Announcement (28)

My willing in this announcement is to talk about five of monitochs' effects on planet earth. What I am seeing are many changes in the global weather system, in living organisms and in many natural phenomena; these changes are not results of carbon emission but they are resulted from monitochs higher density in our universe, and this density is a result of Higgs boson experiment.

The first of monitochs' effects on planet earth is rivers burst; monitochs are able to create empty spaces inside wood levees; these spaces allow the water molecule to penetrate and making them bigger to break the rivers levees and this is what makes rivers burst.

The second of monitochs' effects on planet earth is data breaking; all existing data such as phone communication data, TV images data, radio waves and Talky Walky waves could be broken by monitochs density in the atmosphere; because monitochs can break any wave due to their solidity; their power and force don't allow any wave to continue in it's way.

The third of monitochs' effects on planet earth is to allow living organisms to get bigger size; monitochs are inflators and they can create further space to living organisms' cells where to grow bigger; this process is a part of inflation in the whole universe.

The fourth of monitochs' effects on planet earth is to allow vegetables to grow bigger; as we have already seen in earlier post that vegetables are growing bigger, and monitochs are participant in this growth by creating further space which the vegetables cells can occupy to become bigger in size.

The last of monitochs' effects on planet earth is to create new kind of chemicals; monitochs are subatomic particles builders and they are able to build new kind of exotic particles depending on Higgs boson magnetic field strengthening. I think that the world will assist new kind of chemicals because of monitochs building to new formation of quarks, electrons, protons and neutrons.

I think that monitochs' effects in our universe and on planet earth will stay with us in this blog for long time.
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