Friday, 9 December 2016

Announcement (23)

Again I have to say something interesting about monitochs' effects in our universe; because these effects are the first source to Higgs boson magnetism. As we know that Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are an important part of Higgs boson 

magnetism to reduce the total of particles in our universe into monitochs and this mechanism is a part of the process of Higgs boson magnetism decaying to all particles, and the result of what it has been said above is a higher quantity of monitochs day after day and this is what makes these last the creators of many effects. In this announcement I am interested to talk about five of monitochs' effects in our universe.

The first of monotochs' effects in our universe is inflation; the fact of particles decaying increases monitochs density and this is what makes our universe's edges pushed to become wider to occupy further space, and this process is at continuity until when our universe achieves the size of universe (5). I think that by the achievement of our universe the size of universe (5) all particles change their energy level to become monitochs; at this stage our universe starts emptying itself into universe (5).

The second of monotochs' effects in our universe is our universe integration into universe (5); our universe could never integrate inside universe (5) without the turning of it's particles into monitochs; because the existing black hole between both universes becomes very, very tinny and doesn't allow bigger particles than monitochs to pass through it, and the cause of the narrowing of this black hole is 
inflation; because the more our universe is wider the more the black hole is smaller.

The third of monotochs' effects in our universe is to increase the speed of the rotations of our universe; monitochs speed is ten times faster than the speed of light, and the more monitochs are higher in number the more our universe rotations are faster. I think that our universe is becoming faster in it's travel back day after day, and this is what makes challenges to human beings on planet earth complicating.

The fourth of monotochs' effects in our universe is to integrate dark matter to become matter then to monitochs; and monitochs increase in number is not only coming from the decay of matter but its also coming from the change of dark matter to matter, and this process will be seen when our universe starts to loose it's black colour to become white because of monitochs high density.

The last of monotochs' effects in our universe is on animals' brains; monitochs are space producers and they can create any tunnels of space inside any matter, and what its interesting is that animals brains are easy to be penetrated by monitochs to create unknown diseases yet.

I would like to close this post by remembering you that monitochs' effects are unlimited and I will bring more of them in future posts.
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