Thursday, 15 December 2016

Announcement (29)

In this post I am wishing to reach listening ears in biology, particle physics, geology, astronomy and chemistry to hear what I am saying attentively; " what it has been said in this blog is true, real and right to explain Higgs boson discovery, a True Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) had been achieved and is holding Higgs boson experiment, our world has changed in all sides because of Higgs boson experiment and a recognition to Higgs boson discovery has to be made sooner is better to save what it could be saved".

The whole story of Higgs boson discovery will be known to the world sooner or later because the consequences of this discovery are inevitable, and humanity can't ignore the increase of earthquakes, the increase of floods, the increase of heat waves, the increase of ice melting, animal mass extinction, data loss and electricity cut off, and there are also so many consequences which are changing our universe for ever.

With my experiment I think that humanity has to prepare for the big exodus from now; and this exodus is the only solution because (80) per cent of land will disappear under water except parts of Africa where life will be possible with very little means. My vision to the future of humanity is for the next (5) to (10) years and not for the hundreds years coming.

I am throwing valuable information to make the world mind clear about it's life inside Higgs boson magnetic field; and maybe many plans and strategies have to change in order to avoid calamities and disappointments. Raising awareness about Higgs boson experiment consequences is not only my duty alone but its also your responsibility to say something about these consequences or at least sharing my words with others; the matter here is not about arrogance and selfishness but its more serious and has to taken with vigilance.

I have to say it again that my inspiration has no end to talk, talk and talk about my discovery to Higgs boson and it's experiment's results and those people whom are supposed to say things about Higgs boson are running away from the subject. Be sure that at the end I will grab triumph to all what I have done in the scientific field because the truth will come up in one way or in another.
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