Saturday, 10 December 2016

Announcement (24)

The impression of catalysts in biological organisms is a good proof of the occurrence of changes on planet earth; these catalysts are making life going back by showing old creatures regeneration. In this announcement I am interested to bring to your knowledge five kinds of new creatures holding millions of years old DNA.

The appearance of new kind wallaby is a good sign that our life is going back; because DNA regeneration could never happen without Higgs boson reversing it and also without the composition of amino acids, fats and glucose.

Higgs boson magnetism is also reversing millions of years old jelly fish DNA to generate, and this is because of the sea bottom conservation to so many kinds of animals' DNA; also the efficiency of of Higgs boson in water is stronger than any other space and this is why we are seeing the booming of jelly fish in the pacific ocean. 

New kind of sea snakes  are growing slowly and surely because of the regeneration of millions of years old DNA; this booming of sea snakes is caused by Higgs boson magnetism rotations which can make a new old recipe of amino acids ready to combine with fatty acids to give birth to new old living organisms.

Higgs boson magnetism is also allowing millions of years old flowers to grow again and this is through the building up of their cells, these kinds of flowers are finding the right conditions in high mountains, and specialists in botanic had already proved this statement.

The last creature which is showing the old life is exotic particles, a good example of exotic particles is Zika virus, this last could never appear into life without Higgs boson magnetism. I think that Zika virus existed in life millions of years ago.

My conclusion to this post is to tell you that the future of life is going back and this statement is proving itself each time a new old creature is discovered, and discoveries of these kinds of creatures of the past will be daily.

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