Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Announcement (40)

My intention in this announcement is to raise awareness about the clouds' movement in the atmosphere; clouds have taken different directions than the usual ones before 2012. I think that there are many causes affecting clouds directions; and by citing five of these causes our subject's objectives will be achieved.

The first cause of clouds to change direction is Higgs boson magnetism; clouds could never change direction with huge amount without the support of Higgs boson  magnetism; simply this last is a puller to all existing particles in the atmosphere and this is what makes clouds following the movement of these particles.

The second cause of clouds to change direction is depressions; depressions are not coming from nothing but their source is quarks submission; and they are appearing like mushrooms and surprising meteorologists  in the world. Depressions simply can manipulate clouds movement through their rotations and they can accumulate clouds very high in the sky. The picture bellow is showing clouds direction manipulation by a depression.

The third cause of clouds to change direction is winds' direction; winds' direction is becoming under control of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves, and their direction has changed a lot than the direction of winds' direction before 2011. Its obvious that winds can manipulate easily clouds direction.

The fourth cause of clouds to change direction is sea current; professionals in seawater movement can prove that seawater evaporation has taken new directions and this is what makes clouds movement direction changing as well. I think that a good example of this situation of sea current manipulation to clouds movement is the clouds which are visiting Australia; simply clouds changed their direction from west to south east.

The last cause of clouds to change direction is lighter atmosphere; planet's earth atmosphere is becoming wider and less dense and this is whats allowing the water molecule to travel higher and in different directions than the usual ones.

A short sentence to close this post; clouds movements should be taken in 
consideration as a proof to Higgs boson discovery otherwise there is nothing which is capable of changing their direction.

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