Saturday, 17 December 2016

Higgs Boson Philosophy (3)

From day one Higgs boson discoverer philosophy was commitment following his visions otherwise there will be no discovery to Rugosa corals nor to Higgs boson neither the presence of "spaceandhistory" blog. These visions which I am talking about are coming from a very small open window where the light of knowledge could be seen and that's why Higgs boson discoverer pen can write about a new knowledge everyday without speculating.

Higgs boson titles in this blog are the leaders in order to direct our knowledge and our conception inside Higgs boson magnetic field; because this last is holding everything from a sub subatomic particle to the whole six universes. These titles should be looked at in order to catch information and filling the gaps in our knowledge about Higgs boson and it's experiment; because all ideas are connected to each other similarly to the spider web which keeps building indefinitely.

My intention of creating Higgs boson magnetic field was accidental at it's beginning but with time it was a very calculated process, and all responsibility has been put on CERN scientists because they are the first people knowing about the matter. And now, the consequences of Higgs boson magnetic field must be dealt with in order to survive longer.

Some people think that I am wasting their time and mine but I am telling them that you will come back to read, to read and to read what it has been said in this blog because my words are the right words to explain Higgs boson discovery.

My philosophy is simple and easy to understand; every passed day is equal to plus one title to Higgs boson subject, and this is what makes me watching the next day to look forward for a new title; and by following this philosophy everyday I learn something new concerning Higgs boson and I am teaching you this new thing every single day. I found my self inside a hard talk; and this talk never end and it could never happen without my discovery to Higgs boson.
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