Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Announcement (39)

My interest in this announcement is to forward some criticism to CERN's researchers because of their silence on Higgs boson discovery; my big concern is what the world 
will benefit from CERN's researches of Higgs boson, and where these researches 

are leading to? And also are CERN's researchers making any experiment on Higgs boson? And why CERN's researchers are still ignoring the real discoverer to Higgs boson? I think that the time has come to wise people and Media to put some interrogations to CERN's responsible about Higgs boson discovery because my experiment on Higgs boson has taken serious effects on humanity life on planet earth.

I am sure that CERN's site will be inundated sooner or later and then the old machine will be lost forever, and the world will haven't enough funds to build again another machine, and what will rest as truth is what it has been written in this blog. I think that Higgs boson had made sufficient insurrections to impose itself as present and everything is under it's management.

I am not a trouble maker but troubles are already been made inside all kinds of societies; many creatures have lost their homes and more of them will suffer from the same consequences. I think that CERN's scientists have to bear in mind that they are the first responsible of what's going on planet earth and humanity has to prepare for the worse.

Its very funny to show to the world images and say I discovered Higgs boson because Higgs boson is a particle and a particle should be hold in reality otherwise the claim about it's discovery is a fake discovery. But look at me; I am claiming Higgs boson discovery and it's existence is within the Rugosa corals and I made so many experiments on it, and I achieved thousands of results from these experiment.

Just a few lines to close this post; my hope is that CERN's scientists will find a third party to talk to me because they are still upsetting me to the bones, and the scientists whom are rising the flag of CO2 emission theory I am giving them a chance to think twice about their researches.
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