Thursday, 8 December 2016

Announcement (21)

The connection of all existing particles in our universe are built on (3) forms of energy; and these forms are: form (3), form (4) and form (16). Maybe someone asks why these forms numbers are the subject of this announcement? I am interested to talk about how everything is linked from sub subatomic level to the whole universes in order to show a full understanding to the the theory of everything.

The energy form which is the first stone to everything is energy form (3) and it's components are (3) different monitochs; these last are (4) different ones with their antis which make them with the total of (8). Monitochs are sub subatomic particles and they form any sub atomic particle, for example a quark is formed with (3) monitochs and their antis. The graph below is showing a quark built on monitochs.

I should look at quarks, gluons and fermions and their elements of building, I think that the elementary particles are well known but their formation should be looked at, for example a quark has it's anti- quark and that's why I am proposing the graph below to show that they are formed of (12) monitochs .

My hypothesis of the formation of an electron says that " an electron is formed with (4) quarks and their anti-quarks, and this means that any electron is linked to a positron to make the total of quarks (8) and their anti-quarks number is (8) as well to make the total of both (16). The graph below is showing the formation of an electron linked to a positron.

I decided to show to the world my hypothesis of the composition of an electron to the world in order to tell to researchers in particle physics that I achieved a recognizable level of understanding to matter.
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