Sunday, 25 December 2016

Announcement (37)

I have to talk, to talk and to talk as long as information about Higgs boson  experiment effects on planet earth is available; what I am saying is not comingfrom 
imagination but its based on deep understanding to Higgs boson and to it's 
experiment. In this announcement I am able to clear all minds concerning the occurrence of new phenomena and their real causes. The good thing is that I am here to show you five effects on planet earth which are resulted from Higgs boson experiment.

The first effect on planet earth due to Higgs boson experiment is clouds in the form of mushrooms; the form of mushrooms made by clouds is a new phenomenon on earth and its due to quarks submission. The leaving quarks from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) are able to carry with them the water molecule in the atmosphere and to accumulate it to form mushrooms shape made by clouds.

The second effect on planet earth due to Higgs boson experiment is strong winds; the world is assisting higher magnitude of winds than usual and this is due to quarks submission; quarks are the source of winds creation because of their speed and rotations, quarks can increase the speed of winds up to (170) KM/H and even higher.

The third effect on planet earth due to Higgs boson experiment is the decay of mountains' soil; mountains' soil is under constant decaying of it's particles because of many facts such as Higgs boson magnetism, the difference of high temperature and lower one in short time, alpha particles interaction, heavy rain and earthquakes. I think that many mountains in the world are seeing collapses of their rocks as they never did.

The fourth effect on planet earth due to Higgs boson experiment is fires; many areas in the world are already seeing many years of drought and this is what makes trees and grasses dry and ready to burn quickly, and this drought is caused by many conditions which are: clouds disappearance because of Higgs boson magnetism pulling to the water molecule in the atmosphere, higher temperature on planet earth, water extraction from trees and plants, heat waves and the rise in the sun's heat. I think that fires in California and Australia should be taken in consideration under the statement above.

The last effect on planet earth due to Higgs boson experiment is avalanches; during the last two to three years the number of avalanches had increased up to 88 per cent and this increase din't come from nothing  but it has it's causes which are: Higgs boson magnetism creation to space inside the snow, the quick change in temperature in high mountains, the quick visit of rain after snow, warm winds visit to high mountains during the season of snow and chemical interactions on high mountains and in the atmosphere which create warmer conditions to melt the snow.

To close this post I have to remember you about "Higgs Boson Switzerland Boat" post because what it has been said inside it is also one of Higgs boson experiment effects on planet earth.
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