Monday, 5 December 2016

Announcement (19)

This announcement comes to explain the victimisation of the jet stream on planet earth; I already said that carbon atom and the jet stream are the first accused victims of the upheaval of the global weather system. In this post I am willing to show you five circumstances of Higgs boson experiment; these circumstances are holding inside them huge alibis of the change of the global weather system.

The first circumstance of Higgs boson experiment is the total destruction of the jet stream; depressions are the first cause to cut off the jet stream into pieces, and as we already that the creator of depressions is quarks submission; they become capable of turning the jet stream to north or to south because of their size which is becoming huge. The picture below is showing how a depression is manipulating the route of the jet stream

The second circumstance of Higgs boson experiment is high level of moisture; everybody agree that moisture in the world is at it's highest levels ever and this is because of these three elements; the rise in temperature around the world, less density of seas and oceans and trees' absorption to higher quantity of water. I think that higher level of moisture is one of the most challenging phenomena to humanity because of it's capabilities of breaking data communication such as sound communication, image communication and electronic communication.

The third circumstance of Higgs boson experiment is the increase of the activated volcanoes; data of the activated volcanoes in the world is showing that their number has increased by (22) percent during the last five years and this is because of many causes which are making the bottom of earth hotter, hotter and hotter; these causes were explained in many occasions and never mind if I add few ones; alpha particles interaction with soil particles, the increase in the total of chemical interactions in the bottom of earth, the increase in all particles speed and planet earth increase in the absorption of the sun's heat.

The fourth circumstance of Higgs boson experiment is almost black clouds building on very long distance; very long travel of clouds from a continent to another could never happen without their disappearance higher in the sky; and this is because  of Higgs boson magnetism support to their travel through their pulling up. And almost black color of clouds is substituted from the mix of the water molecule and black phosphorus, and the source of this last is the exhibition of dark matter turning into matter.

The last circumstance of Higgs boson experiment is rivers' burst; some people think that rivers burst because of heavy rain; I totally agree with them, and there are also some other factors which are: wood decomposition, the rise of the bottom of rivers, bricks joins decomposition, higher quantity of water on planet earth, soil decomposition and higher high tides. I think that river's burst phenomenon is already a huge challenge which humanity is facing and it's future will be more challenging.

To conclude this post I have to say a last word; Higgs boson experiment circumstances are here and humanity has to integrate all means to face them.
NB Picture above is from accuweather: com  
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